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Since 1938, Manuel's Auto Body Inc has been serving  Bakersfield CA, and with our quality of workmanship we have become the preferred auto repair in the community.

Automobiles are an essential part of the today’s world. Our transportation from one location to other depends on them. Cars also keep our loved ones safe while they are on the road and make our life easier. You want your life to run smoothly and it is easy to forget about the delicate nature of cars. So if you need a reliable auto body shop in Bakersfield CA, rely on Manuel’s Auto Body Inc. These transportation goods are astonishing machines, but if used improperly, even the smallest error can result in expensive consequences. Our company is committed to providing auto repair services that guarantee your vehicle will not quit on you.

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If you had times when you had to do without your car, then you understand perfectly well what a nuisance that can be. When we depend on the unreliable transportation services, we have less control over our daily routines. When you request the auto repair service of Manuel’s Auto Body Inc, we will perform repair and maintenance in order to relieve you of your worries about being without your precious car. Our specialized auto repair offers incorporate fix or replacement of engines, cooling or heating of installation repairs, removal of wiring problems and break pads repairs. We are always able to find the right but affordable solution for the needs and requirements of our clients. Whether you need a simple auto body maintenance or a complex repair, count on the diligent mechanics at Manuel's Auto Body Inc.

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There are many auto repair shops in Bakersfield CA region; however, you cannot trust just someone to take care of your vehicle. Our 74 years of combined experience and reliable service have brought us to the heights in the business. We can Car after auto painting servicesprovide you with routine services like tune ups, diagnostics, oil changes and auto painting. What we want to make in our auto body shop is to ensure that you have the best transportation while you lead your busy lifestyle. Our friendly mechanics will explain to you every detail of the auto repair process.

Top notch professionals. Everything worked exactly as they said it would. I was quite distressed as I knew nothing about these folks. But from the time I met with the estimator until the time I went to pick up the repaired car they were great to work with. They were very professional about the work.

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With our unique approach towards the auto repair industry, we are dedicated to working with you in a timely and professional manner. We will schedule everything from radical replacements to tire alignment, in accordance with your spare time. Manuel’s Auto Body Inc also works quickly and efficiently to make sure that you will spend your time having a properly operating vehicle. We are committed to building trust and confidence in our offers. That is why we keep our rates as low as possible and our customers thoroughly satisfied. Visit our gallery.

Experience the stellar services our auto repair shop is known for providing by calling (661) 327-4941 and making an appointment with us.